Bulgarian Post Tracking can be done by entering the BG POST track and trace webpage. Then you have to enter the Tracking Number which is looking like this “RI*********BG” the stars are digits. Enter the item number you want to track, then click Submit.

Information will be available 48h after the shipment.

“Insert item into bag (Otb)” – this means that the item was shipped outside Bulgaria and you must use your local post tracking webpage.

For example: You live in USA and You have won an ebay auction and the seller is from Bulgaria. She/He ships the item and sends you a tracking number  RI*********BG.

You must check BG POST website and if you see a result “Insert item into bag (Otb)” then you must use your local post services which in your case is USPS.


Links to all international pages can be found here.

News Update from BG Post website:

A delay in the delivery of EMS items, priority letters and parcels to the USA

Bulgarian Posts Plc. would like to inform its customers that as a result of the extraordinary security measures, concerning air transport, introduced by the United States Department of Homeland Security, all items mailed to the USA will be severely delayed.

We recommend to our customers that all items to the USA should be sent as non-priority items, and all parcels should be sent by road, because the delivery times of priority items, parcels by air and EMS items will not be met.

The extraordinary security measures are expected to expire after March 10, 2011. Bulgarian Posts Plc. will inform all our clients of this in good time.

All customers who sent priority items, parcels by air and EMS items to the USA in the period between 15.11.2010 and 16.12.2010 will be compensated in the following ways if they explicitly state it:

  • For international postal items to the USA – with the difference between the prices of priority and non-priority items,
  • For international parcels to the USA – with the difference between the prices of items sent by air and those sent by road,
  • For EMS items to the USA – in accordance with Article 54 (1) of “Prices of non-universal postal services and other commercial activities, offered by Bulgarian posts”.

We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience caused owing to circumstances beyond our control.